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Finding Help for Crack Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, crack or crack cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs a person can take. The powerful euphoric high associated with smoking crack is difficult for anyone who has tried it to resist. Unfortunately, that euphoria does not last. What it leaves behind is a shell of a person suffering for a crack addiction. It sometimes seems that it is impossible to get help for this addiction. In order to find help it is important to understand why getting help is difficult, the steps to finding help, who to ask for help, and where to go to get help.

Why seeking help is difficult

Finding a way out of the world that crack forces a person to live in is very difficult. The addiction takes everything from the users. Crack addicts lose their friends, family, and money to the drug. They lose their appearance, their job, and possibly their living arrangements. They find in the place of all of these things, dealers, other addicts, and desperation. Once a person decides to get off crack, their world does not necessarily support this decision. Where they are at is safe as long as they are using. People who want to stop using stop being safe. This world tries to suck them back down into desolation and despair.

First steps to seeking help

The first step in seeking help is recognizing there is a problem. A user does this by examining their life thus far. They look at their life and how crack has affected it. The signs that crack is causing a problem are:

  • crack has come between you and your family – friends and family members see a problem, talked to you about a problem, and started to avoid you because of the problem.
  • crack has impaired your ability to function at work – you’ve lost your job, been warned about losing your job, or been fired due to poor performance due to your crack use.
  • you have tried to quit using and it has sucked you back in.
  • you are facing legal and financial issues due to using crack.

There are all the signs that crack has become a major problem and it is time to seek help. If any of these signs are present it is time to get out. Getting out is not as easy as most people believe, the first thing that you need to do is ask someone for help. Unfortunately asking the right people is essential.

Who to ask for help

With crack addiction, it is not always easy to know who to ask for help. Asking for help is hard enough. There are many reasons why people do not ask for help. A few of these reasons are:

  • fear of rejection,
  • fear of embarrassment,
  • some people won’t take request seriously, and
  • lack of knowledge over who to ask.

It can be difficult to ask for help particularly when a friend or family member rejected the addict’s request. There are people who with rare exceptions will not reject a request for help.


doctors crack addiction help

Doctors are a crucial source of help for those suffering from crack addiction.

A doctor is probably the best person to ask for help. They not only know the system well, they can access resources to help. Some doctors even practice addiction and recovery medicine. They often work with psychologists, therapists, and drug treatment centers. It is particularly helpful if you have seen the doctor before about another issue. Each person is different and most doctors are willing to help find the solution that is right for an individual under their care.

Community help

There are community resources available for drug treatment and drug addiction. In order to access the community resources all a person needs is a phone book or going to a community health center. Although it is scary for some addicts, a public servant can help direct them to some of the community resources. There are also groups like Narcotics Anonymous that provide anonymous help for addiction.

Where to get help

There are also places that an addict can go to get help directly. Community centers and doctors can help find the location that is right for the particular addict but an addict can also go directly to one of these places.


Hospitals usually have drug treatment programs, detox facilities, and rooms. If they do not, they often have access to facilities that do. Walking into a hospital is a scary prospect but sometimes it is necessary to receive the much needed treatment. Each hospital is different but the emergency department can direct the addict to the correct people. Most hospital staff is trained in handling situations that involve addiction.

Rehab or treatment centers

Rehab and treatment centers are usually the best place to go for treatment. They offer a broad range of services designed specifically to help people recover from crack addiction. Treatment centers offer counseling, medication, holistic medicine, and a place to be away from the drug. Many rehab centers also offer both inpatient and outpatient programs.

Getting out of the world that crack cocaine puts you in can be very difficult and frightening. With the fear of rejection and embarrassment, making the decision to get help is one of the hardest things an addict will do. When trying to find help for a crack addiction, turn to those who know the options and can help you recover.

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