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Where to Find Cocaine Overdose Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “From 2001 to 2013, there was a 29% increase in the total number of deaths” caused by cocaine overdose. The worst year was 2006 where nearly 8,000 people died from a cocaine overdose, either accidental or intentional. Cocaine overdose is extremely dangerous, and it is important to seek out treatment for this issue as soon as possible. But where can you find cocaine overdose treatment?

Call 911

Unfortunately, there is currently no medication that can be bought or given to reverse the effects of cocaine. The best way to receive fast, safe treatment for a cocaine overdose is to call 911 and have an ambulance take the individual straight to the hospital. This is because the condition has the potential to cause severe physical side effects such as:

  • Cardiac arrest: a stopped heart due to the stress cocaine puts on it
  • Stroke: brain damage caused by the inability for the brain to receive enough oxygen
  • Respiratory arrest: stopped breathing that usually follows cardiac arrest
  • High fever: an increased body temperature that becomes so high, the individual sometimes passes out
  • Heart attack: an inability for blood to flow to the heart, causing chest tightness and pain
  • Seizures: an episode of abnormal electrical activity in the brain that often leads to strange behavior and convulsions

In addition, psychosis can occur as the result of cocaine overdose, which may cause an individual to act irrationally and even become violent toward others. If you do not call an ambulance right away, all of these symptoms will have more opportunity to occur and become worse before the individual receives the help they need. In general, the best way to seek and receive the necessary treatment for cocaine overdose is to call 911.

An operator can tell you what to do over the phone, help you keep calm, and direct you toward the best way to help your friend or loved one. If you are the one experiencing the overdose and you are alone, the operator will be able to tell you what to do and talk to you until help arrives.


Hospitals have the best treatment for cocaine overdose. Again, this is because the condition itself will often lead to dangerous physical and psychological side effects that must be treated in a hospital setting. Specific medications, defibrillators, and even restraints may be necessary, depending on the side effects the person is experiencing from their overdose. Hospitals have the equipment necessary to treat these symptoms as well as the room and staff to accommodate patients right away.

In the case of an overdose, time is of the essence. A person often needs to receive treatment right away in order to avoid the issues listed above or prevent deadly results if those complications do occur. This is why calling 911 and going to the hospital immediately is generally the best treatment for the condition.

Rehabilitation Clinics

cocaine overdose

The first thing to do in event of a Cocaine overdose is call 911.

Sometimes, individuals can find overdose treatment at a rehabilitation clinic. Those facilities which are placed specifically within a hospital or which have their own medical equipment are best. However, most rehabilitation clinics do not have the extensive medical devices, treatments, and capabilities that hospitals do, which is why it is better for an individual whose health is deteriorating to go straight to a hospital.

A rehabilitation clinic will be able to help a patient by minimizing their risk for relapse and helping them avoid the possibility of overdosing again. Therefore, the treatment patients receive at one of these clinics is still very important to their overall recovery from cocaine overdose. At these facilities, patients learn coping mechanisms to help them deal with craving, triggers, and stress, receive medications that will help treat some of their withdrawal symptoms like depression and anxiety (when necessary), and learn more about themselves and perhaps even why they started abusing cocaine in the first place.

If a patient only receives treatment for the main symptoms caused by their overdose, there is a strong likelihood that the individual will return to their earlier drug use, leading to another overdose. But at a rehab clinic, they can receive preventative care that helps strengthen their recoveries from both the overdose and their addiction in general.

Is There Somewhere I Can Go Anonymously for Help?

Unfortunately, cocaine overdose causes extreme side effects, so the best thing to do if you think you are experiencing this condition is to go to the hospital right away and tell your doctor everything you took. Especially if you have been abusing more than one drug or alcohol in addition to cocaine, you will need medical attention right away to ensure that you are safe and that your condition doesn’t worsen; therefore, it is not recommended that you attempt to treat your condition anonymously or on your own.

Choosing the Right Treatment

If you call 911, you can get access to an ambulance very quickly and be taken to a hospital for treatment. If you undergo an overdose and do not attend treatment right away, even if your symptoms subside, it is still important to receive medical attention. According to the NIDA, “In rare instances, sudden death can occur even on the first use of cocaine or unexpectedly thereafter” so you must seek medical treatment, even if you believe the symptoms have diminished in severity or are not dangerous enough to warrant a hospital visit.

If you decide to attend treatment at a rehabilitation clinic, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a treatment center locator where you can find facilities that are close to you.

Cocaine overdose requires immediate treatment for its dangerous symptoms as well as follow-up treatment that will help prevent the issue from occurring again. Make sure that you receive both in order to minimize your chance of relapse or other complications. According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, “Cocaine is a highly addictive substance,” and addiction increases the chances of overdose and death. If you believe you are in danger of experiencing a cocaine overdose, seek treatment at a rehab center or hospital immediately or call 800-934-3781(Who Answers?) to get help now.

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