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Cocaine is a very effective pain-killer. As a surface anaesthetic for numbing mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat, its efficacy is arguably unsurpassed. Its popularity in non-medical contexts, however, means cocaine is no longer a staple of orthodox dentistry.

        Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill enjoyed coca-based products. Stimulants such as Coca-Bola chewing gum - "a powerful tonic to the muscular and nervous system, enabling the chewer to perform additional labour and relieving fatigue and exhaustion" - were extremely popular with consumers. Today, some experts cautiously advocate the use of cocaine in low-potency lozenges or gum. In common with coca leaves, cocaine-lozenges may be chewed as a less addictive alternative to the refined drug.

        A Peruvian company is currently (2003) developing Cocamel, a cocaine-and-caramel sweet. If Cocamel gains a product licence, sales are expected to be brisk. Company boss Rosario Lazo claims: "The Cocamel is delicious and can be used to relax people from daily tensions. It will surprise everyone and give people more than a smile."

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