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Can I Be Treated for Polydrug Abuse in Cocaine Addiction Rehab?

Substance abusers are particularly prone to polydrug use, especially those who frequently snort or inject cocaine. For this reason, most rehab facilities are prepared to treat multiple addictions. Call 800-736-5356(Who Answers?) now to find rehab centers where you can recover safely from drug abuse.

The Dangers of Polydrug Abuse

Many users take other drugs in addition to cocaine. This action is extremely dangerous and increases the chances of addiction to multiple substances and the consequences associated with large-dose abuse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, those who abuse cocaine in combination with alcohol have “a greater risk of overdose and sudden death than from either drug alone,” and those who use cocaine and heroin together, often called a speedball, are also at a very high risk of overdosing.

When someone is addicted to more than one substance, they will require simultaneous treatment for all addictions. Like co-occurring mental disorders, untreated addictions can cause an individual to relapse back to the abuse of other drugs for which they may have already been treated. Therefore, it is not safe for someone to take their rehab for substance abuse in separate stages but rather to gradually heal from all issues simultaneously.

Treatment for Polydrug Abuse

Polydrug Abuse

Behavioral therapies help patients avoid relapse after polydrug abuse treatment.

Cocaine addicts who have also abused other drugs will require extensive and delicate treatment in order to recover. As stated by the National Library of Medicine, people are usually interviewed for their history of substance abuse during withdrawal and early treatment as well as asked to undergo a toxicology screening and urinalysis to determine the presence of any other drugs in their system.

Once all the substances the patient has been using are known to their healthcare providers, treatment can begin. Often, patients are dealing with the effects of withdrawal early on, and the symptoms associated with cocaine withdrawal are some of the most intense and long lasting.

In order to minimize these symptoms and depending on what they are, certain medications may be used. The doctor will need to ensure that no medications will react poorly with one another in order to provide the safest treatment possible.

In addition, behavioral therapies will be used to teach patients how to see their addictions in a new way. They will also learn how to cope with cravings, recognize and avoid triggers, and acquire new, more beneficial life skills that will help them avoid relapse.

All of these treatment types can help an individual through their addiction to a number of substances, including cocaine, and each addiction syndrome can be addressed and treated simultaneously, along with any other mental disorders.

Do You Need Treatment for Polydrug Abuse?

If you have been misusing multiple drugs for recreational purposes, it is likely that you are suffering from more than one addiction syndrome, especially if your use was frequent and high volume.

Call 800-736-5356(Who Answers?) now to find safe, reliable rehab centers that can treat multiple addictions at once and make a change in your life that will lead to the end of your substance abuse, including the dangerous use of cocaine.

Types of Treatments to Consider for Your Cocaine Addiction

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