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Cocaine Addiction Help

When you’re battling an addiction to cocaine, getting help can pose many challenges. Unfortunately, many people who find themselves suffering from cocaine addiction never get the help that they need and suffer dire consequences as a result of their drug dependence. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, sustained use of cocaine can lead to a number of psychological problems, serious health problems and lifestyle upsets. Cocaine addiction help is available, but it takes time and careful consideration to ensure you choose the right means of treatment and care for your individual needs.

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Effective Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment is most effective when it uses a combined approach to ensure that all elements of the addiction are healed including the physical dependence, psychological dependence, emotional trauma, health problems and any other underlying characteristics that may have arisen as a result of the cocaine abuse. The best cocaine addiction help will focus on your individual needs and goals. Here, you will get assistance in healing on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.

Many different types of therapy and assistance have been found to be helpful for those suffering from cocaine addiction. The most effective cocaine addiction treatment programs focus on providing quality therapy through:

Cocaine detox which focuses on restoring stability in the recovering addict without allowing them to relapse or fall victim to the continued dangers of cocaine abuse. During cocaine detox, the user will receive acute medical care and will undergo a complete diagnostic analysis to help the treatment team determine the severity of the cocaine addiction as well as the appropriate method of treatment to help the user recover.

Counseling which is the primary element or backbone of any type of drug addiction help. Counseling will include both individual and group sessions that focus on helping the patient to understand his or her addiction, learn strategies for making better decisions and become more comfortable with coping with or working together with others.

Aftercare which is focused at continuing the care that the patient receives in treatment once he or she leaves treatment. During aftercare, the user will continue to adjust to living life without cocaine while also adjusting to getting back into a normal routine as a newly sober individual. Common aftercare programs will include continued counseling, personal therapy, support groups and more.

Who Needs Cocaine Addiction Help?

Not all addicts require the specialized treatment and care that is offered in a residential cocaine addiction treatment facility but for some, such specialized care is vital to the recovery process. Anyone who has experienced trauma as a result of their addiction, has suffered loss as a result of their addiction, has tried to quit and been unsuccessful or has continued to use cocaine despite the known and consistent consequences that arise from such drug use should consider seeking professional help.

You need cocaine addiction help if you:

Cocaine Addiction Help

Cocaine addiction can lead to legal trouble.

  • have lost a job as a result of addiction
  • have suffered health problems as a result of addiction
  • have had fights with loved ones as a result of addiction
  • have tried to quit using and failed
  • have tried to cut back and continue to use
  • have been in legal trouble as a result of addiction
  • have made commitments to quit and gone back on your word
  • want to get sober but don’t know how
  • wish you had never started using cocaine but can’t figure out how to stop
  • feel like you need cocaine to function or feel good
  • feel like you would not have a good life without cocaine

Benefits of Cocaine Addiction Help

For each individual, the true benefits of cocaine addiction help will depend on the level of the drug use prior to receiving help, the severity of the addiction, the desire of the user to stay sober and various other factors. Some of the benefits of getting help for cocaine addiction include:

  • ability to restore a sense of balance in life
  • ability to overcome legal, financial or relationship problems
  • ability to interact with others in a social environment without worry or fear
  • ability to change life for the better
  • ability to overcome addiction and get on a path to recovery

Types of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Help for the Emotional Trauma of Cocaine Addiction

Using cocaine can lead to a wide range of emotional problems and traumatic experiences. For the user, coping with the extreme mood swings, irritability, sadness or depression that results from having used cocaine can be difficult but there is help. Cocaine addiction treatment will address the intense highs and lows that a user experiences emotionally and can help to balance the psychological well-being of the user out. While emotions such as anger, sadness, depression or irritability are common when cocaine addiction is present, dealing with these emotions in recover can be challenging, embarrassing and otherwise uncomfortable.

Follow these tips to feel better during cocaine addiction treatment and after you complete treatment:

  • allow yourself to heal, it takes time
  • don’t rush the treatment and healing process, recovery is a long journey
  • relax and take each day as it comes
  • talk about your feelings, with a counselor or with peers to get the emotions out
  • avoid bottling up the emotions that you are experiencing
  • be open to change
  • stay in treatment as long as you can to avoid further upset, relapse or problems
  • don’t allow your feelings to take control of your actions
  • keep a journal of your feelings and emotions
  • be open and honest with your counselor or therapist

By being open, honest and upfront with your counselor or therapist, you can ensure that the emotions that you are feeling will be addressed. Cocaine addiction can be very challenging to overcome mostly because of the emotional upset that occurs when a user is heavily dependent on cocaine. While there are many options of treatment and support that can help with the emotional upset that you are dealing with, if you don’t talk with someone or let someone know what you are feeling, the chances of getting help will be very slim.

Making the Decision to Seek Cocaine Addiction Help

Once you’re ready to make the big step towards getting sober, you can begin to take action towards seeking professional help that will work for you. If you know someone who is suffering from cocaine addiction, consider helping that individual to make the changes necessary to get sober. This is a huge decision that doesn’t come easily for most addicts but in the end, the recovery that ensues and the improved quality of life which comes with being sober will be all worth the effort.

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